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May I be of assistance?

A home for Turnbull lovers

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Welcome to DS_Unclosted.

Home to Renfield Turnbull fans of all types. Discussion, fanfiction, and pics welcome.

We welcome all pairings, but be advised that this is a slash friendly place.

A few rules:
1) Use LJ cuts for fic and pics.
2) Label fics with pairings, ratings, and warnings (i.e. kinkfics, deathfics, spoilers).
3) Play nice. Don't make me turn this thing around.
4) No fake LJ cuts please. Links to pics and stories are fine.
5) When referring to episodes please use the "Title" Season# X Episode# format.

For other guidelines, such as fic posting format please go here.

Legal stuff: Turnbull, RayK, RayV, Fraser and others are the intellectual property of the Paul, Alliance Atlantis, etc, and this is a purely recreational community.

Disclaimer: This is all mardahin's fault. I told her to stop me.

Owner: kijikun
Mod: mardahin
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