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19 November 2010 @ 07:32 pm
Fanart (2), Fics (5)  
And it continues! All fics written in this 'verse, click if you'd like to see them all listed in chronological order.

Turnbull fanart (rated G) by sl_walker:
Duty gear


Title: What Sticks
Author: kalijean
Character: Turnbull
G - 453 Words
Notes: Nobody could figure out how Turnbull's roommate got in; Renfield is the only one who's shocked when Guy drops out.

Title: Betrayal
Author: sl_walker
Character: Turnbull
Rating: PG
Words: 737
Timeline: Depot in 1991, a handful of weeks in. Takes place after What Sticks.
Summary: Turnbull makes a decision that changes the course of his life and career.

Title: Turnbull and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad... Maybe Not So Bad Day
Author: sl_walker
Characters: Turnbull/Vecchio, Francesca, Thatcher
Rating: G
Words: 1923
Timeline: Post-COTW. Sometime or another after I'm not...
Summary: All right, this was based off a first line prompt from kalijean, and totally took on a life of its own very quickly. Very much a humor piece. Francesca turns up the heat on Turnbull, and... yeah. Just read it. (No, I can't believe I titled it that, either.)

Title: Bystander
Author: kalijean
Characters: Turnbull, Francesca (Turnbull/Vecchio)
Rating: PG (language)
Words: 748
Summary: After Ray and Renfield are outed (Crickets, Like Fallin' Off A Cliff). When the dust settles, Francesca Vecchio is left standing. Being outed was never going to be easy.

Title: Twenty-Two
Author: sl_walker
Pairing: Turnbull/Vecchio
Rating: G
Words: 1177
Timeline: Takes place as an immediate sequel to Bystander; September 1998 in this arc.
Summary: Not even a half-hour after they outed themselves in Crickets, Ray's already had to deal with Welsh, Renfield's gotten slapped and it only gets harder from here.
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